The voyage of S/Y ERIU

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SOLD!!!   -   IT'S OVER!!!!


Yes, were back in what Gerry calls "Mud Land".  We now live in an apartment in Miami.  The Six Five Four Three year plan is to buy a slightly bigger boat (Passport 40, Peterson 44, Whitby 42 or CSY 44 are on the shortlist) and go cruising again.   

News Flash!!!! -  This plan has sort of changed, see; The Incredible Hull

We are frequently asked "what was the highlight of the trip"?  That question was answered by a fantastic singer/ composer/ cruiser lady called Eileen Quinn.  Her words were certainly true of our trip.





I'm counting up what I've got to show for all these years afloat
a dog eared passport, a weathered face, a tired old boat
a yarn or two that might be true and a couple of battle scars
days of sparkling waters, nights of falling stars

I've got seashells, I've got souvenirs, I've got songs I've penned
I've got photographs, I've got memories, but mostly I've got friends

Words and music by Eileen Quinn .




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